Posted on: November 17, 2008 4:40 pm

RED SOX 2009

Need to sign Teixeira, and then work on a starter sign Lowe or Penny, Maybe even go as far as tradeing for Saltalamacchia and working him with Varitek for the future, Make the trade Lugo for Willis, Can't have enough pitching Just look at last year. Maybe keep Crisp for Insurance. They have the the money to get this done and Ortiz needs  Teixeira for support (Bye Manny) THEY NEED TO GET THIS DONE ASAP! Teixeira is a first and a must!!! Everything else is Icing on the cake. 

GO Red Sox 2009

Starting lineup
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. David Ortiz, DH
3. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
4. Mark Teixeira, 1B
5. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
6. Jason Bay, LF
7. J.D. Drew, RF
8. Jarrod Saltalamacchia/Varitek, C
9. Jed Lowrie, SS

Starting rotation
1. Josh Beckett, RHP
2. Jon Lester, LHP
3. Daisuke Matsuzaka, RHP
4. Lowe/Penny/Willis RHP/LHP
5. Tim Wakefield, RHP


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